Virtual Massage Workshop

It’s no secret that massage has many health benefits and it can help your relationship too! Caring, intentional touch is a wonderful way to care for your partner, while relaxing and spending time together.

All workshops are structured with the beginner in mind and can be taught as a couple or as an individual. My goal is not to train you to become a massage therapist but to ensure you give yourself or your partner a good massage using proper technique to help alleviate discomfort and create a sense of relaxation.

Choosing from the workshop below, you will be taught step by step proper massage and stretching techniques. All workshops are customizable to what YOU want.

Workshop 1: Back, Neck and Shoulders (Most Popular)
Workshop 2: Hands and Feet (Most Popular)
Workshop 3: Glutes, Hips and Legs
Workshop 4: Private Self Massage Class